Life with Retainers

Achieving the perfect result takes work, but every step of the process is equally important. When your orthodontist fits you with a retainer, it’s important that you take great care of it and follow all of the doctor’s instructions.

Tips to Remember Regarding Your Retainer

  • Leave your retainer in your mouth.  They are meant to stay put and should only be taken out for cleaning or when you’re eating – unless your Doctor tells you otherwise.
  • Clean your retainer at least once a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • When your retainer isn’t in your mouth, put it in the case. If you’re brushing your teeth or eating, you don’t want your retainer to get dirty, broken, or lost. It seems we most commonly see retainers lost when they are left in cafeterias and restaurants.  Always know where your retainer is.
  • Speaking may be difficult when you first put your device in your mouth, but you can take care of this easily by practicing speaking aloud or even singing. Don’t be shy!
  • Always keep in mind that your retainer is a custom-made device, so it must be handled with care. We understand that things happen beyond your control, so call us right away if yours breaks.
  • Your retainer isn’t supposed to hurt while you’re wearing it. If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort or pain, please contact us to schedule an appointment to check.
  • Don’t forget to bring your retainer to your appointments.  Dr. Cheron will want to check to make sure it is fitting properly and no adjustments are needed.

Replacing your retainer can be quite costly, they are expensive appliances.  However, if proper care is taken, it will last for years.