Cheron Smiles

Alec B

  • Crossbow for overbite correction
  • full braces.

“I was very pleased with Dr. Miller and her course of treatment for my son. Thanks to her my son’s smile is now perfect! Miller Orthodontics staff was also outstanding. Everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments. I would highly recommend Miller Orthodontics.”

  • Alec Before
  • Alec After

Bob D

  • Invisalign

“After three consultations with other orthodontics and several self-inflicted delays, I chose Dr. Miller and Invisalign. I am CEO of a small technology firm that works with all ranks of our great Department of Defense. The last thing I wanted was for the Generals and Admirals to see me in braces, but I wanted straighter teeth. Dr. Miller and Invisalign were the answer. To those who want straighter teeth, all I can tell you is, ‘just do it’. You’ll like the results.”

  • Bob Before
  • Bob After

Bobby C

  • Braces to open the correct space to replace missing teeth.

“Being a patient at Miller Orthodontics has been a wonderful experience.  The staff are knowledgable, friendly and professional.  Communication was especially important in my treatment, both with me and with the restorative dentist Dr Miller worked with to replace my missing teeth.  Dr Miller has a network of specialists he works close with that allowed me to achieve the best smile possible!  For all of your orthodontic services, look no further than Miller Orthodontics!”

  • Bobby Before
  • Bobby After

Darrah M

  • Extractions needed due to crowding
  • Improve facial balance.

“I have had my braces off for over a year and can’t go anywhere without people complimenting me on my teeth or my smile!”

  • Darrah Before

Jacquline R

  • Crossbow
  • Braces

“I am extremely pleased with the decision to use Miller Orthodontics. Dr. Miller and Dr. Cheron, as well as their staff, are so welcoming that I consider them friends. We are very impressed with the movement that took place for my daughter’s teeth to line up. Her smile is stunning! I also have a son who is currently in braces, one who is being watched for the right time to start, and one who is still loosing baby teeth. The younger kids ask to go along to the older siblings’ appointments to play their video games, get a treat, or draw a picture for the staff. (I actually use it as a reward, if they get their homework done!) I highly recommend Miller Orthodontics because of the professional and fun experience that we have had.”

  • Jaquline Before
  • Jaquline After

Valerie P

  • TADS
  • Braces

“Both Drs. Miller were able to correct my open bite after multiple doctors told me surgery was the only way.  One orthodontist told me I would need surgery and extractions to correct my reverse smile, and the Millers corrected my smile in 18 months!  At first I was skeptical but TADS are the way to go, and they did a great job walking me thru the steps, and accomplishing the job”.

  • Val before
  • Val After

Alex M

  • Accelerated Invisalign
  • XBow

“I knew my overbite was severe, but I only wanted my front teeth fixed.  Dr Miller convinced me to correct my bite first using the Crossbow, which is much faster than correcting it with Invisalign and rubber bands.  I’m glad I followed her plan because it only took 18 months!”

  • Alex Before
  • Alex After